Tomislav Skulic

Originally trained in piano, Tomislav started playing Nirvana and AC/DC riffs at the age of 15 that led to starting a alternative-punk-hardcore band called 'Annabel Lee'.  This has also lead to a life long fascination with guitars and music.

Along with  stints in covers bands and a tribute project, in 2008, Tomislav began taking lessons with Nigel Gavin, learning about improvisation and also the guitar craft approach to music. This has eventually resulted in Tomislav joining a progressive band called Alchemy that lasted until 2014. He continues to work on the material for this band's future reiteration.

Following that, Tomislav began collaborating with UK born, NZ based musician Chinmaya Dunster in a number of one time projects and eventually coalescing into a ethno-fusion, avantgarde, jazz, pop, rock, new age mashup called the 'Grateful Dads'.

Most currently, being part of Gitbox Rebellion, Tomislav is enjoying the opportunity to participate creatively in a collective of like-minded musicians covering variety of styles  and genres, all within a very unique guitar ensemble format.