Gitbox Rebellion

Pesky Digits

Rattle Records 1991 (Reissued 2011)

Looking and sounding better than ever, Rattle’s first release has been remastered, repackaged and reissued to celebrate twenty years as NZ’s pre-eminent art-music label. Pesky Digits is as fresh and compelling as ever. Exuberant and life-affirming, the music of Nigel Gavin, Kim Halliday, Jonathan Pease and the other finger-pickin’ members of Gitbox Rebellion is as vital and infectious as ever. Igor Stravinsky meets Pete Townshend, only to find they have a lot in common.


Touch Wood

Gitbox Rebellion

The core-group of GITBOX REBELLION, Nigel, Kim, Jonathan and Russell, are here joined by a number of friends and a variety of instrumental textures to expand the tonal range of the GITBOX sound. Touch Wood is an extremely attractive album, infused with a colourful mix of generic and cultural influences, inventive performance and recording techniques, and an undeniable musical passion. The overriding spirit of the CD is joyful and affirmative, and it would be a heart hard indeed that was able to resist its infectious charm.

"The second Gitbox album is chock full of jaunty, delicate, heartfelt and twisted tunes. This time round, a selection of new instruments are added, including cello, violin, tablas, bass and sheng. Pop, funk, jazz, African, classical, Indian ragas, folk and blues mesh into the group's sound. Touch Wood is a revolution." - Suzanne Court, Music in NZ


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