Bo Hermans

Bo was a member of the original Gitbox Rebellion in the late 1980’s. Touring and recording with the band were important early musical influences on the young guitarist, as was attending a Guitar Craft retreat lead by Robert Fripp.

Bo left the band and NZ in the early 1992 to travel and broaden his horizons. He worked intermittently as a guitar teacher and travelling musician including an extended period in Berlin, where he attended a second Guitar Craft Course, and also in Latin America where he became passionate about latin music.

On returning to NZ in 1997 Bo further developed his interest in latin music working with the Auckland Latin American Community to put on a musical production about the life and tragic death of renowned Chilean folk singer Victor Jarra.

Bo also developed a keen interest in Brazilian percussion and is proficient in a wide range of Brazilian samba instruments. His eclectic 10 piece band “Soul Samba Circus” fuses Brazilian style percussion with jazz, soul and funk.

Bo re-joined the reformed Gitbox after a 20+ year break and is thriving on the challenge, discipline and music of the revitalised group.