Sam Loveridge

Sam Loveridge is an Auckland based multi instrumentalist, songwriter and teacher. His musical training began at age six with violin lessons using the Suzuki method. Having developed a great ear for music and performing and gravitated to the guitar as a teenager. Playing in several Auckland based groups, including Gitbox, Mice on Stilts, Callum Gentleman and Tequila Mockingbird as well as a new solo project Sam keeps busy playing and teaching music. Sam has also toured New Zealand with Miss Peach and the Travelling Bones as well as Mice on Stilts and Callum Gentleman.

Playing a variety of Folk, Rock, Prog and improv music in other projects means Gitbox provides a great outlet for some of the styles of music that Sam loves.

Having grown up listening to a mix of the Suzuki violin repertoire, old and new bluegrass and country
music as well as the occasional world music or pop album brings a diverse range of influences to his playing. Sam has also studied Jazz at the University of Auckland adding an interest in improvised music, which Gitbox is a great outlet for.