Russell Hughes

A founding member of Gitbox Rebellion, Russell took part in Robert Fripps historic week long full immersion music camp in the late 1980’s.  The experience motivated him to study further, travelling to the American base of the Crafty Guitarists network in Charlottesville Virginia.  Returning to NZ for Gitbox Rebellion’s nationwide tour, Russell took an active role playing and recording Pesky Digits and the stripped down Gitbox side project, Touch Wood.

In the wake of the initial Rebellion, Russell has played in a variety of musical situations playing different styles, before re-joining Gitbox in 2017.

Russell believes it’s important in life to know and accepts ones limits.  For instance, Russell can’t wear white.  ‘It was hard to accept at first, but I’m comfortable with it now.  On the bright side, I can eat most anything with tomato sauce, without the additional requirement of a bib.’